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XY-Tablet_Lao_keyboard_2Get ready for Lao language, keyboard, font and content

Lao language on the XY Tablet...and mobile phones

We have done a lot of testing and enhancement to make sure the Lao language is displayed correctly on the Keyboard, SMS and Web pages and we are almost there. It is a process that takes time because it not only has to work on the current tablet but also on our coming mobile phones as well as new tablets.

Here is what we have done/are doing 

You will get you own Lao Keyboard including the SHIFT function.


Read & Write real SMS in Lao language, with Lao font and Lao keyboard.XY-Tablet_SMS_Font_keyboard


Read Lao language on those websites with Lao language.

Now many of you have asked us, when will I be able to get the tablet/mobile phones? And we are very happy with the questions, comment and response (keep them coming)

We are still waiting for an investor to join our project since the making of tablets and mobile phones are very expensive.  We hope this will happened very soon so we all will be able to start reading and writing to each other in our own language. So if you have a rich uncle call him :-)

SHIFT function ON:



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